How can we improve Autodesk 3ds Max?

Internalize free and cheaper price plug-in and scripts

Autodesk buys some free and cheaper (cheaper price not quality) plug-in and scripts for max and a part of developer max team working on optimizing,internalize,debug and ready these plugs for realse with max.
Benefits :
1- with this work many programers are encouraged to expand max
2- I think max developed faster and maybe reduct production cost
3- and users are happier (of course if these tools have minimize bugs) ;)
also you can :
1- make a festival or challange for choise best plug-ins
2- ceate new internet page for see feedback and votes to best free and cheap plug-ins for buy

and my suggestions for some of very useful plug-in and scripts :

1- "XrayCat Survival Toolkit" for cat users :
2- "LH / auto rig" very fast cartoony rig :
3- "outliner" outliner toolset for better project manager in max :

4- "ProSequencer" very easy and fast camera sequancer tool for max users :
5- "quad chamfer modifier" specific for design modelers :
6- "Render Optimizer" for faster and optimizer mental ray in max :
7- "MassFX Toolkit" for highter performance in massfx :

if anybody has a new suggestions for another free and cheap plug-ins please commons below.

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  • AbaneganAbanegan commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    My idea is "Internalize free and cheaper price plug-in and scripts" and my suggestions at the end are only some samples of free scripts and plug-ins maybe add to max on future if my idea be accepted and not relate to my base idea .

  • Martin BreidtAdminMartin Breidt (Admin, Autodesk) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Requests like this (with a list of plugins/scripts to be added to the core package) have a very low probability to achieve anything. I recommend focusing on individual tools that you think are most important and try to get votes for those.

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