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Non-dynamic collision detection modifier

Non-dynamic collision detection with volume preservation. With permanent and nonpermanent effect.
Permanent means, that after collision have happened the mesh is retaining its last collision deformation.
Nonpermanent means, that after collision, mesh is taking its initial form if that is no collision anymore.
Imagine sphere pushed down to some collider. as it's starting to collide, mesh of the sphere is starting to deform, taking into account volume preservation.
Then user can (if user wishes) put on top of this modifier Flex modifier, and calculate dynamic jiggling.
A property to turn on friction. As the sphere is dragged on the collider, mesh is starting to smear. Of course there must be limits, after which the stretching of the mesh will stop.

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  • pacermikepacermike commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Like Maya's collision deformer! Max desperately needs tools like this to imitate soft bodies when animating.

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