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Switch from caddies to old style dialogue boxes

I have a big problem with the caddies for the following reasons.
•They jump around all over the place. I've read of a fix for this, but it should be implemented by default.
•They are unnecessarily hard to read. The symbols are small and not always so easy to understand.
•Spinner direction is illogical.
•More clicks are needed to change things like "Bevel - group/normal/local".
•They work very badly with typ-in numbers. A typed in figure will not always update in the viewport when tab or enter is pressed. When typing in a number in the first box, and then use tab to go to the next box, it won't let you type anything. It looks like the box is active (marked gray) but you can't write until you click the box.
•Overall, tab, enter and esc do not do what you would expect them to do (switching between boxes, accepting and cancelling operations). This problem preceeds the caddy, however.

But why not simply let us choose to have the old style menus? To me, a max user since v.2.5, changing features critical to workflow without any options is actually quite rude. Customization and user friendlyness should be key issues for any software developer.
Please give us an option not to use caddies in 2012.

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